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Are you someone who pursues personal growth and spiritual fulfillment but you experience struggle in your everyday life & relationships?

This struggle often comes from a gap between your material-biological (job, family) and spiritual path (what you're most deeply longing for). 

We can help you connect these important areas in your life.


We Can Support You With: 

**Services for individuals, couples, and families**

  • relationship conflicts
  • spiritual clarity, direction & purpose
  • relationship & career integration
  • chronic patterns & illness
  • recovery from addiction & codependence
  • life stage transition
  • healthy aging & longevity
  • leadership advancement

Whatever questions or problems you need help with, we offer a comprehensive viewpractical advice and life-changing tools

Dr. Mike & Stefanie Yuen live in Sedona, AZ where they take individuals, couples and groups on LifeSpirit Tours to benefit from Sedona's special quality and beauty to inspire spiritual renewal and transformation.

Working With Us

We are available in person in Sedona, AZ as well as remotely by phone, Zoom or other platforms. 

You'll enjoy working with us in the following venues:

  • Customized consultations 

  • LifeSpirit Tours in Sedona 

  • Workshops & retreats

  • Speaking engagements 

To set up an appointment in Sedona, by phone or other platforms: 

Call 928-274-6417

Email info@lifespiritsedona.com

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